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Q: How much does it cost to get rid of pigeons?

A: That's a loaded question. It can vary by an awful lot. Often, the length of time that the pigeons have been there has the biggest impact on cost. More often than not, the sooner you get rid of pigeons the less it will cost you.

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You can count on our team of Expert Pigeon Pros to do the job right the 1st time. We only use the very finest bird control products and we take the time to use then the right way. All of our technicians are well trained and have the experience needed to solve even the toughest pigeon and/or bird problems. We have tens of thousands of happy bird control customers and can't wait to show you what great service really means. Give us a call right now or fill out this contact form and let us provide you a free inspection and price quote. A pigeon-free home or business is just a phone call or click away. We're looking forward to serving you. Serving all of Metro Phoenix AZ.